Vacations & Holidays

The summer, autumn, winter vacation and holidays observed by the school during the the session are notified in the school diary.

The school diary must be brought to school everyday .

Please check your word's school diary everyday and ensure that the assigned work is completed regularly.

Parents-teachers meeting is held on last working day of every month, all parents are requested to attend it.

Only in exceptional circumstances, parents are allowed to meet teacher on working days. A prior appointment is essential to meet the principal.

Any problem regarding the progress of a child may be brought to the notice of the principal or class teacher without hesitation.

If a student is a absent from school, always send a leave application in respect of your child.

In case your child is not well or suffering from a contagious disease, he/she should not be sent to the school. A normal leave application in any case is to be sent.

Absence during the test or exams without justifiable reasons is not permitted.

Parents who wish to withdraw their ward must apply for the transfer certificate on the prescribed from at 10 days in advance .


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